We are pa(w)rents too.

Here at PupUp, we're all about sparking joy and creating special connections between dogs and their humans with our fun, snuffle-centric goodies.
Led by a bunch of enthusiastic, dog-loving women, we're on a mission to add a little more wag to life and a lot more smiles to your doggy-human adventures, one snuffle at a time! 🐕🌟👩‍🔧🐾💕✨

Inclusive play for all

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No barrier to play

PupUp believes there should be no barriers to play, no matter the size, breed, or age, our product gives the flexibility to provide enjoyable ways of play, It only requires a nose.

Pet-friendly material

Are you worried about your naughty pup might bite the toys? Don’t worry! We got you covered! Our products are made of pet-friendly materials.

Bring outdoor fun home

Snuffle mats mimic the outdoor grassy environment and can provide entertainment and mental stimulation for your pet when you are at home or away

  • Lucky - Toy Poodle

    Hi, I am Lucky! I am shy when I met other dogs, but I played very friendly and gently once you know me. I’m not a chewer, my best friend is Mr. Crocodile who always calms me down while mom is not around. I don't understand why they ask me to be the toys experience officer, all I care about is love and food.

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  • Brooklyn - Australian Shephard

    Woof, woof! What's up, hoomans? I am Brooklyn, a four-year-old Australian Shephard who is living the best of my life. I love to play with all kinds of squeaky plush toys, and tug-of-war is my favorite game! I am craaaazy when I play, and none of my toys can last for a month. I am the Chief Quality-control Officer in Pupup.

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  • Dodo - Australian Shephard

    Hi, I am Dodo! Can you see the energy on my face?!! Yes, I have tons of energy! My parents often play with me, however, that is NOT enough in my opinion! So they went a step forward, they brought me a snuffle mat.
    I am loving it! It is fun, but sometimes it makes me think a lot. Well, Dad is more on a strict side while mom usually can't help giving me treats when I am crying. Dad taught me a lot, and encouraged me to do things that I never thought doing! I love them so much!!

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